Be a GREAT Sort

and do better than the bin

colourful characters representing the actions to gift, recycle, earth-cycle, avoid and take to drop-off

To find out the tricks for being a GREAT Sort – and reduce what you put in your landfill bin – click on each of the solutions above.

Join the GREAT Sorts in your street who put 60% less into the landfill bin

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Chuck it... in a stir fry!

Find out how to reduce food waste

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Your landfill bin is the last place for your waste ... with a bit of waste sorting at home, it could be almost empty each week! There are GREAT Sorts out there who put 60 per cent less into their landfill bin.

In fact, we can all become GREAT Sorts just by remembering …

G is for Gifting things to charity, swapping or selling.

R is for Recycling only these 5 things: Cans, cardboard, paper, glass and plastic (bottles, jars and containers)

E is for Earth-cycling food scraps and garden waste into compost.

A is for Avoiding excess packaging and disposable containers.

T is for Taking batteries, e-waste and chemicals to special drop-off points.

It’s easy to find a better place for unwanted items and reduce what we send to landfill.
Be a GREAT Sort … Landfill is the last resort!

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