WasteSorted Workplaces and Businesses

Workplaces and businesses in WA are embracing a green, circular economy like never before. It’s all about fostering innovation, boosting productivity and reducing the environmental impact of our everyday hustle and bustle. It’s a journey towards sustainability where the mantra is to reuse, repair, and value our resources by keeping them in use for as long as we possibly can.

Imagine a workplace where employees, customers and contractors are engaged in finding options for low-waste ways of doing business. A place where the materials we use everyday are not just seen as disposable items, but are valuable resources that deserve a second chance, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Some of the key goals for WasteSorted workplaces and businesses include:

  • Keep valuable materials out of landfill
  • Recycle and recover materials to support a circular economy
  • Protect natural resources to reduce environmental impacts

These easy tips can help to reduce waste and support a circular economy in your workplace, for your business and in the community. 

How to be a WasteSorted Champion at work

Here’s how you can start small yet make a significant impact, driving positive environmental change in your workspace.

  • Reuse, repurpose, and repair items where possible.
  • Bring a waste free lunch in reusable containers.
  • Bring a reusable cup for take-away coffee, or enjoy a moment to sit down with a ceramic mug!
  • Print double-sided or shift to digital documents.
  • Set up a sustainability committee and invite members from various departments.

Tips for businesses

You've got the power to drive waste reduction in your workplace and help your organisation and staff get waste sorted!

A good place to start is with a waste audit. This will show how much and what types of waste are common at your business. You can then set up effective waste management practices and provide information on how to avoid, reuse, repair and recycle and ultimately send less to landfill.

Avoid waste in the first place

Go paperless

Initiate steps to prevent waste generation from the get-go. Email payslips, invoices, memos and documents, use online file transfer sites rather than USBs, provide fewer printers, and consider using tablets or phones for functional tasks.

Say no to packaging

Avoid packaging or swap new packaging for recycled or compostable varieties.

Optimise order sizes

This means buying a lower total volume of packaging or avoid packaging where possible and be mindful to order based on need.


Repair and embrace pre-loved

Pre-used furniture and equipment may help save you money and supports a circular economy. Look for quality in the first instance and then maintain or repair rather than replace.


Recycling Services

Seek out a recycling service for co-mingles recycling and consider including a Food Organics collection for staff or if you are a food retail business.

Ensure you have dedicated recycling areas for items such as printer cartridges and batteries and that all recycling bins are clearly labelled. We also have some WasteSorted signage available to download and display. 

WasteSorted businesses and resources  

Ready to dive in? Here’s a shout-out to businesses and resources leading the way towards a sustainable, low-waste future:

Rubbish in bags

Plan for Plastics – recommendations for businesses (retailers, suppliers and manufacturers)

The WA Government and National Retail Association have collaboratively created a Comprehensive Guide for Business. This one-stop resource covers ALL existing and upcoming bans in Western Australia. 

A closeup of plastic bottles and aluminium cans for the Containers for Change program

Containers for Change – resources for businesses

Provides case study videos and information for signing up.

Collect At Work & Businesses | How To Collect | Containers for Change WA

Plastic lids

Plastic Free Places WA Boomerang Alliance

A long-running program in WA ifunded by the WA State Government  to support hospitality retailers through the Single Use Plastics ban and beyond.

WA Plastic Free | Plastic Free Places | Boomerang Alliance Australia

Two people hold reusable food and drink containers

Guides for Food retail businesses

Case studies how to get involved including reducing single use food packaging.

Businesses Resources | Plastic Free Places | Boomerang Alliance Australia

A man and woman placing used goods into a box for charity

Good Sammy’s A-Z guide: Gifting to charity

Provides a list of items accepted at op shops and under what conditions.

Reuse A-Z – Recycle Right

Contact us

If you have any tips, ideas or questions that you’d like to share with us, feel free to get in touch at hello@wastesorted.wa.gov.au.