National Recycling Week

Most West Australians believe that sorting waste is the right thing to do.  

National Recycling Week, held in the second week of November every year, is a great opportunity to celebrate recycling. Households, schools, workplaces, and councils are all getting involved this year.

Let's do this

Recycling is at the heart of our ‘Be a GREAT sort’ messaging, with one of the five campaign stars named “R”.

Recycling Character Meet ‘R’
She’s savvy. She knows you only Recycle these 5 items in the recycling bin: cans, paper, cardboard, and glass and plastic bottles and containers.

She makes sure containers are rinsed and are loose in the recycling bin with the lids off.

Download a FREE resource pack

Loads of local governments and community groups are downloading these GREAT resources to promote National Recycling Week:

GREAT recyclers

GREAT sorts keep it simple by recycling just the 5. They recycle nothing else, all these 5 and only these 5.


The best recyclers know that GREAT recycling goes beyond the bin. They also Take things such as soft plastics, batteries, electronic waste and chemicals to special drop-off facilities. It feels good to recycle more.  

Get involved

Join other GREAT recyclers at these exciting community events celebrating National Recycling Week – most of these are free. Are you hosting an event? Make sure you let us know!

Tell your friends and family about what you're doing. It's more fun to go to these events together, or to challenge yourselves to make a change in your home, workplace or school. 

More people are getting involved each year and help reap the environmental benefits of recycling. Together, we can do better than the bin and make landfill the last resort!