Get involved

It all adds up – so let's ALL stand up and be counted.

Here are some things you can do to be a GREAT Sort when you're out and about:

Simple actions make a difference:

  • Choose to refuse – just say no, it’s as simple as that.
  • Join in find events promoting waste reduction near you.
  • BYO – arm yourself with a set of reusable items such as a coffee cup, straw, water bottle and even plate and cutlery set – this has the potential to eliminate hundreds, if not thousands, of items from landfill each year.
  • Recycle – hold onto that cup, bottle, or piece of packaging until you can recycle it rather than dropping it in the nearest bin where it’s destined for landfill.
  • Pick up litter litter hurts native wildlife and marine life, so disposing of it in the right way will make a difference.
  • Share your storylet us know what works for you. It might just be the inspiration someone else needs! You can also use #WasteSorted in your posts and tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@wastesorted).

You are in a position of power and influence so why not use it to do good!

  • Establish the rules – ban balloons, make it a requirement for food traders to use biodegradable plates, cutlery and straws, and discourage use of promotional items that will generate waste.
  • Encourage people to BYO – promote it in advance, consider providing water refill points, and supply ceramic coffee cups and dishwashing areas.
  • Make it easy to recycle – ensure it’s easy for people to see where and what they can recycle, don’t just operate a single bin system where everything is destined for landfill.
  • Apply for a grant – the Waste Authority provides grants for waste-reduction activities in the community, so see if your event or community group is eligible.
  • List your event if you're hosting an event that promotes waste reduction let us know.
  • Tell us about your achievements – if you’re doing something to reduce waste or improve recycling measures we’d love to know. Write to us, tag us on Facebook and Instagram (@wastesorted) or use #WasteSorted in your posts.  

Think you’ve got what it takes to motivate others to be a GREAT Sort and inspire action among your own networks and community? Then we’d love you to!

Spread the word – conversations can be a powerful tool to get people thinking and inspire action. Speak with your local café about switching to biodegradable cups, your neighbourhood bar or pub about whether they’d be willing to scale back straw use, or motivate your work colleagues to create positive change.

Run an event or information session – knowledge is a driver of change. If you’re passionate why not arrange to speak with a local community group to inspire them to adopt new measures. Whether those in attendance do just one or many things to reduce their impact, it all adds up! And don't forget to let us know it's happening!

Celebrate your successes your story has the potential to inspire others, so we’d like to hear from you. Write to us, tag us on Facebook or Instagram or use #WasteSorted in your posts.