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27 May 2023
10:30am - 12:00pm
Ken Jackman Hall Darius Wells Library
2 Robbos Way
Kwinana Town Centre, WA 6167
  • Free

Earthcycling Workshop for Composting & Bokashi

Food waste and garden waste are a large percentage of what households throw into the general waste bin.

Come and learn from Robyn at 'Waste is my Resource' about earth-cycling using bokashi bins & composting systems.

Earth-cycling is nature’s way of recycling – it’s the process of turning natural scraps (think food scraps, leaves and paper) into nutrient-rich compost which will help your garden and soil thrive.

By composting or using a bokashi bucket at home Kwinana residents significantly reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill.

Kwinana residents have the option to buy a bokashi bin and two bags of bokashi mix from the City administration building for only $50 either before or after the workshop.

After completing the workshop, residents also have the option to buy twin compost bins and receive a $60 rebate upon proof of purchase and residence (attendance of the workshop is required to be eligible for the rebate)

Please bring along a reusable cup and/or water bottle.  Coffee, tea and light refreshments are provided.

Please email customer@kwinana.wa.gov.au or call (08) 9439 0475 for further information.

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