The stuff we throw out in our general household rubbish and recycling collections represents about a quarter of all waste in WA.
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On average, WA households discard about 28kg of waste every week.

Ready to cut your waste at home?

From a fridge packed with food and bathroom cabinets filled with personal grooming products to overflowing wardrobes and laundry baskets, most of us are surrounded by tomorrow's waste.

The WasteSorted guide to
Cutting household waste

Not all roads lead to landfill. By taking action and making smarter purchasing (or non-purchasing) decisions today, you can start reducing your waste right away.

Recycle Right

= Less landfill

Choose better

+ Avoid new purchases

= Reduce landfill


+ Avoid new purchases

= Reduce landfill


= No landfill

Take five minutes to (re)familiarise yourself with your local council's waste and recycling program.

See what else your household can divert from landfill!