Never bin a battery!

It’s simple. GREAT Sorts never bin a battery.

Batteries and devices can cause fires when placed in household recycling or general waste bins. This puts drivers’ lives, trucks, recycling facilities and workers at risk.

There are many places to take things like loose batteries, laptops, mobiles, watches, shavers, drones, electronic toothbrushes and even cordless tools.

Loose batteries

Many people collect loose batteries and drop them off when visiting local supermarkets, office supply shops, local libraries and more.  

There are many convenient drop-off locations for everyone. Find yours at Find My Nearest – Recycle Right.

Things that buzz, hum, flash or recharge

If it buzzed, hummed, flashed or charged, it’s got a battery. GREAT Sorts drop off old laptops, tablets, mobiles, watches, cordless tools, electric toothbrushes, shavers and even drones.

There are many places to take these items such as local office supply shops, phone shops or local council drop-off points. Find yours at Find My Nearest – Recycle Right.