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25 Nov 2020
05:00pm - 07:30pm
Quest Perth Ascot
266 Great Eastern Highway
Ascot, WA 6104
  • Free

The Circular Economy & Waste Management

Waste contamination and disposal is a global problem for individuals, councils, government organisations and for the private sectors.

There is sometimes a lack of understanding of how to manage issues and how we can work together to reduce the impact on our environment effectively. Stakeholders at all levels need to put measures in place to reduce consumption, improve waste management practice at the source. It is about individuals and organisations working towards creating a circular economy by finding sustainable options for re-use, recycling and safe disposal for all waste streams.

Do you know where your business waste goes?

Come along to the Circular Economy and Waste Management event to learn more.

Topics you will be hearing about

"Leadership in the 21st Century"

“What are the benefits of the circular economy for my business?”

“Addressing curbside bin contamination through smart connected bins”

"How to quickly and easily identify improvements in waste management"

"What are SDGs and ESGs and why do they matter?"

"What is the circular economy and what is the benefit for my business or government?"

Guest Speakers

Marcus Geisler (CEO, EMRC)

Marcus served as WA Waste Authority Chairman from 2014 to 2019, in addition to holding senior management positions with Coates Hire, Thiess and SUEZ – WA’s largest waste management company. He has extensive advocacy experience and first hand knowledge of the commercial waste and recycling industry and the circular economy and has a strong commitment to the local government sector. Leading the WARR 2030 Strategy, Mr Geisler’s negotiating skills and engagement has successfully brought together state and local governments, industry and the community and now at the helm of the EMRC, enabling implementation of our State’s Waste Strategy 2030.

Hayley Rolfe (Managing Director, Ardea Waste)

Hayley is an environmental scientist, policy wonk and entrepreneur, with a background in natural resource management, environmental policy and waste legislation. As a firm believer that environmental change needs to come from all sectors of the community, Hayley founded Ardea Waste in 2019 to give small medium businesses the support they need to enter the circular economy.

Narendran Subramaniam (Co-Founder, BinSense)

Naren is an experienced mechanical engineer specializing in new product development and innovation management. He is enthusiastic about exploring the development of new technologies to solve meaningful problems for positive impact on our planet. He is a serial entrepreneur and has three start-ups under his portfolio and primarily manages business development, platform/product development & innovation management.

Register for the event here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/the-circular-economy-waste-management-tickets-127676488815