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20 Mar 2021
05:00pm - 07:00pm
16 Livingstone St
Beaconsfield, WA 6162
  • Free

Checking out Chickens

A great way of Earth-Cycling your kitchen scraps is by keeping chickens!

Do you remember holding the warm egg you collected from under a chicken? The excitement of cooking that egg for breakfast? The reassuring “book book” sound in the chook pen?

During this on line workshop Shani Graham from Ecoburbia will cover many aspects of keeping chooks, including how to get chickens, local laws, chook housing needs and feeding and care requirements. You will get to meet some of the chooks from her own chook pen and there’ll be lots of time for questions.

The $5 nonrefundable registration fee enrols you in this course. After we have finished you will be asked to pay, in keeping with your circumstances, from $20 - $50.

For more info, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/checking-out-chickens-tickets-129125037463